Welcome to the world of Liv, a Sensitive

For Sensitive Liv everything is loud: noises, smells, bright lights, and especially other people’s feelings. But things become overwhelming when bullying thoughts start filling her mind, threatening horrible consequences should she not perform tasks such as washing, tapping or thought cancelling. Recognizing her distress, kind-hearted school counselor, Mr. Lane, helps Liv view the inner workings of her Kingdom of Mind. There she observes the Thought Crows of OCD telling fear stories in order to be fed her attention. Together with the help of Mr. Lane and her Inner Council of advisors, Liv learns to take back her power and the rightful reign of her Kingdom of Mind.

The goal of this book is to help sensitive children:

  • Understand the beauty of their nature and the strengths of being sensitive
  • Become conscious of the OCD process by externalizing it in allegory
  • Identify and disconnect from intrusive thoughts while living with the discomfort of not responding to them

“This is the most imaginative presentation of OCD and its treatment that I have seen. It is very well written, a fairly quick read with nice illustrations, and it is full of excellent clinical information… Not only adolescents, but all OCDers will enjoy this book.”

Ian Osborn, M.D.
Author of: Tormenting Thoughts and Secret Rituals:
The Hidden Epidemic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

An introduction to the author

Having struggled with OCD as a young child, S.K. Clark writes with deep compassion for sensitive children facing the same challenge. As a freelance writer and former magazine editor, S.K. has a degree in Communication and is a regular contributor to the Yahoo OCD Support Group.

email: skclarkkom@gmail.com